What is Pitstache?

The Pitstarter Video (See our Pitstarter page):

First of all, a "pitstache" is a patch of hair under ones arm.  Like "moustache" only in a different location.

Pitstache the film is a documentary about armpit hair that we're in the process of filming and making right now as you read this!

Love it or hate it no one can deny that a lady with a pitstache gets a double-take.   Why is that? Why is it that men are not expected to shave, but women are?  Why is it that men who do shave must either be swimmers or gay (or gay swimmers)?   Why do women stop shaving and how does the world react to them?

Find out on the next/first/only/feature film, "Pitstache!"

A Girl, A Camera, & An Armpit

We're funding our film with our own fundraising site, PITSTARTER.COM, and we need YOUR help! Click below to visit our Kickstarter page and help get this film made—and get all sorts of great armpit schwag.

Latest Pit Gossip:

Pitstache on the Tom Joyner show Friday, March 28, 2014: Interviewed by Jacque Reed

Madonna recently posted a pitstache selfie, and apparently the world has exploded. Because armpits have the power to do that. We could even say that the media has [ more ]

If you’re in or near Austin, TX, come out & help out this week!

This week Deb is in Austin doing “on the street’ interviews. We could use some pit-hairy women to be models as we talk to people on the street [ more ]

Listen to the recorded show of Pitstache on NPR

Listen to the recorded show of Pitstache on NPR’s The State of Things with Frank Stasio here. (http://wunc.org/tsot/archive/Pitstache.mp3/view)    

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Are you a person? What about a business? Where can you go to put money to THE BEST CAUSE EVER? See our sponsorship page for details. We're makin' a movie, and givin' away great stuff to our sponsors!

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