We have 65 years of experience as Cocaine Lawyers in New Jersey.

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Let’s get right to the point. Allan Marain and Kenneth G. Goodman are New Jersey lawyers who defend persons arrested for violating laws relating to cocaine and other drugs. They refer to themselves on this site as Cocaine Lawyers in New Jersey™. Their combined experience exceeds sixty-five years. Their primary objective is to avoid a conviction. They have successfully done that numerous times. When a conviction cannot be avoided, their objective is to save their clients’ driving privileges, and to keep their clients from being sentenced to jail or prison.

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About Cocaine

Alkaloid drug derived from the leaves of the coca shrub. A commonly abused illegal drug, cocaine has limited medical uses, most often in surgical applications that take advantage of the fact that, in addition to its anesthetic effect, it constricts small arteries, lessening bleeding. There are many street names for cocaine, including coke, C, toot, flake, and snow.

Effects and Addictive Nature

Cocaine blocks pain sensation and stimulates the central nervous system, producing a sudden increase in heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure. In the brain, it blocks the synaptic reabsorption of certain neurotransmitters (in particular dopamine). The resultant buildup of neurotransmitters causes pleasurable sensations to be passed along the neural pathways over and over again, creating a feeling of profound well-being, self-confidence, and alertness.

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